Friday, June 29, 2007

Technorati Sucks, Week 14

It was in the Star Trek episode "Errand of Mercy" that Spock told Kirk that their odds of surviving their current adventure were "approximately" 7824.7 to one, thus proving once and for all that Spock may have been half-Vulcan, but he was all smart-ass, and all shit-full.

I woke up today to find that the ranking of this blog on Technorati was lower than ever. Then I checked the ranking of Adventures in Bloggery and had a hilarious surprise. Look at these screen shots, taken seconds apart:
Even though the two blogs were claimed on Technorati 26 days apart, they have sunk not only to the same low level, but to the exact same ranking.

"Hey, Spock, what do you suppose the odds are that two entirely different blogs with different aims and content and read by different audiences, that just happen to be by the same person, should wind up tied at 7,681,765 in Technorati's ratings?"

"If I were being approximate, Captain, I'd say 7824.7 to one."

"And what would say if you were being accurate, Spock?"

"I'd say Technorati sucks, Jim."

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Tim Harris said...

your best technocrati sucks yet.