Friday, June 15, 2007

Technorati Sucks, Week 12

Here's the blurb for this blog on its Technorati page.

As always it says "No authority yet" which is Technorati-speak for "no one links to it" which is false. It says my rank among all the blogs in their registry is 3,410,747, which I am happy with. I only wish my rank were closer to 6 billion, then it would coincide with my own estimation of how weird and intrinsically unpopular I am. Elsewhere it says it's been 106 days since an update. Doing the math I figured that puts the last update, by their reckoning, on March 1.

Let's check that to be absolutely sure. From March 1 to April 1, is 31 days. To May 1 is another 30 days, for a subtotal of 61. To June 1 is another 31 days, for a subtotal of 61+31 = 92 days. To June 15, today, is another 14 days, for a grand total of 92+14 = 106 days. Yes. I am correct.

So how is it that they, Technorati, which THEMSELVES SAY that this very blog has not been updated since MARCH 1, have NEVERTHELESS put a screen shot of a post, namely Accept Mickey in Your Heart, showing art I did of Mickey Mouse being crucified, which appears nowhere else on this blog, except when I posted it ON MARCH 20?

How can they show a screen shot of a March 20 post and then have the gall to tell me I haven't updated since March 1?

It's easy. It's because Technorati sucks, and it lies out its suck hole.

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