Monday, November 2, 2009

Novel Hints

Hints as to how the novel is developing (re previous post).


Satire, Humor, or Parody.


A satiric Ugly Duckling story of a man born homeless to housed parents, rejected and therefore out to seek his own kind. Told by his personal Genius with little regard for truth, consistency, or coherence.


Gene was conceived in the master bedroom of a two bedroom brick house at the end of NE West Parkway Place, off of West Parkway Way NE, Seattle, to Professor and Mrs Charles and Lola Feldman. Charles was a professor at the University of Washington in the history of engineering, who specialized in the history of the non-electrical development and utilization of wire, such as steel wire rope, wire fencing, and barbed wire. He dreamed of some day writing a wildly successful popularization of his beloved subject so that he would have other people about him who would want him to share it with them, other than visiting professors from Switzerland. Lola collected porcelain bunnies, taught Xtreme Unitarian Sunday school, had three children from a previous marriage, and was not very enthusiastic about having a fourth with Charles, but the condom broke, so it was God's Miraculous Will.