Friday, June 1, 2007

Technorati Sucks, Week 10

My Adventures in Bloggery blog has thus far been ignored by Technorati for 118 days, while this one has been ignored by them for 92 days.

Today I googled "Technorati Sucks" and got 1,340,000 hits. I thought I would be on the first page for sure, maybe down a ways on the first page, but surely in the top ten.

No, but I made it to #18 with last week's comments on worm fucking and buffalo shit, and how oh by the way Technorati sucks.

I was also on page 3. My Technorati Sucks, Week 6 made it to #29, probably because it had "does not work" in French, German, and Japanese. The foreign hits may have given me a boost.

At #27 Is Jim Belshaw's New England, Australia blog, which has been ignored by Technorati for over a year.

At #23, at, Fiete Stegers began a post with, "Die neue Version von Technorati, die seit einiger Zeit online ist, gefällt mir überhaupt nicht," which I think is a very polite way of saying Technorati sucks in German. Also the post was titled "Technorati sucks."

White Space
edged my Week 9 out at #17 with an April 7 post titled "Technorati sucks" which reports a "last updated 377 days ago" after pings to Technorati went ignored.

GetSheila posted a list last January of ways Technorati "still sucks," making it to #15.

#13 is going to be hard to beat if he or she gets going. The blogger goes by the name "technorati sucks" as well as calling the blog itself Technorati Sucks. My only hope in passing this one is that there appears to be only one post up, for now.

Way back in September of 2006 Gadgetizer was saying, "Technorati is the biggest search engine for searching blogs. Too bad it sucks." Clearly Gadgetizer is benefitting from long-term exposure to make #9.

Jim Belshaw, seen at #27, reached #8 with a Technorati sucks post to his Personal Reflections.

Speaking of long-term exposure, #3 is a post on white pebble dated September 17th, 2005, containing an open letter to Technorati telling them why they suck.

The #1 hit when googling technorati sucks is a post by Jason Kottke on proving the early bird gets the google hit: Mr. Kottke said So long, Technorati already on August 19, 2005.

Oh, and by the way, Technorati sucks ass without a straw.

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