Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Chinese Boys

Video Find of the Day

All you do is go on YouTube and do a search on Two Chinese Boys. Instead of any one of the (I estimate) 20 quadrillion pairs (by American counting nomenclature) of Chinese boys, you almost always get these two. They do lip synchs.

When I was growing up every class clown who was popular (as opposed to dark dangerous class clowns who were feared and hated) lip synched. It was standard fare in every stupid assembly and every stupid school fair. I remember these doofoids doing lip synchs to the Flying Purple People Eater, to Alvin and the Chipmunks, to Elvis' version of Blue Suede Shoes, and I remember trying hard to get away, begging teachers for a hall pass so I could go find a quiet corner in an empty room and try to purge my brain of the impressions they'd made on it.

But these guys don't make me want to do that. These guys are good. These videos were posted by cow.

We Will Rock You, with something else at the end:

Get Down, by the Backstreet Boys

My favorite is this Chinese Opera bit:

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