Saturday, June 9, 2007

Warming Could Help, Too

I am opposed to jaywalking laws. There are many times in Seattle when it is more dangerous to cross with the light at an intersection than to just break for any opening. The laws put me at risk. Up till now though I have admitted a need for laws restricting motor vehicle movements. Not anymore. Google Videos has something called Only In India which proves that traffic laws don't prevent accidents, drivers prevent accidents.

Or maybe it proves what my Indian friends used to tell me, that, living so packed together, they've become civilized, and we might be civilized too some day when our population becomes as dense, i.e. when we have roughly 3.5 billion residents. A crude estimate, based on our last doubling, would put the time of that at around 2200. So the future is not all bleak. America could be civilized by 2200!

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