Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mediocre Films

Today's Video Find is a Provider Find!

From time to time, it has to happen. A cool video is going to be found that is actually just one of several, or more than two, of a regular provider of videos I like.

My first provider find is unusual in that it violates the general rule that if Wes likes it it's off the radar. My weird life has made my tastes weird. But sometimes, think Rocky Horror, or Monty Python, the general public likes what I like. Mediocre Films is an example of that.

Mediocre Films is Greg Benson & Co. The official website says "mediocre films / they're better than they sound / Hello. My name is Greg. / I make short films. Check them totally out." They've been on YouTube for about 7 months. There is of course a Mediocre YouTube Channel which at the moment offers 30 videos, there's a Mediocre MySpace, a Mediocre iTunes Video Podcast, and an online store for Mediocre Films Ringtones. There's even a Mediocre DVD!

I first noticed that Mediocre Films was already popular when YouTube announced that it would be offering revenue sharing to some of it's providers, and then I learned that Mediocre Films has been one of their early picks.

Here's the first video of Greg's I chanced upon, followed by one of the latest.

Mating Season (a.k.a. Sexy Panda)

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (Episode 2)

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