Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Loose Ends

Besides the day Robert was born and died the hardest event of Hawaii to place in time is my Father's second stint in Korea. I am so confused about it that I wonder if there wasn't a third. What is certain is he went back. There was talk about how active duty in a combat zone would help him get promoted. Also that being shot at the first trip out was a fluke. It was just because the Army was caught off guard. My Father kept saying there was no danger because his work usually put him far from the actual battles. He worked with a typewriter not a rifle. I remember that it wasn't a whole six months the second time. It was cut short for some reason.

But when? One clue to timing the memory of the second stint was that when he first heard me speaking Hawaiian around the house it was a surprise to him, and my Mother said, "He started doing it when you were gone."

Also there was a change in the rapes that had a bearing on the timing.

Before the change, the rapes were entirely vicious in nature. She was enjoying seeing me suffer, but not using the rapes to get sexual pleasure. At some point, the rapes tended to take place more often in the bath than in diaper changing, maybe just because my toilet-training at home was progressing. Then she started occasionally pulling her own pants down during the rapes and rubbing herself. She was using her anal raping of me as a form of live pornography to masturbate to.

Later on I found that she used rape in that way on a regular basis when my Father was unavailable sexually. So it always happened when he went on active duty. It also happened when he got onto drinking jags, when he would get drunk within an hour of arriving home every night. But that didn't go on so much until I was 8.

So, putting it all together, I think the second stint in Korea took place around the time I was meeting Lani and Lono and learning Hawaiian from them, up to and just past my first Hawaiian words. Roughly Autumn, 1951.

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