Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dancing Grandma

Video Find of the Day

First I want you to view this one. This is NOT the video find, I'm including it purely for reference. It is a video of some Samoans doing a traditional Samoan dance called the Siva for tourists.

Now that you know what the Siva looks like, we are ready for the video find. I actually found this some months ago. Ever since I have been telling people that I enjoy watching people's grandmother's do polynesian dances on YouTube. Invariably they tell me I'm sick, because they all think I'm sick anyway, and their imaginations run wild and they think of things I can't imagine myself.

Here's the video I love so much, of the poster's Grandma doing the Siva, her sons and grandkids jumping up to join her. It looks like it might be a wedding. Whatever it is, it's beautiful.

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