Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Burlesque

Video Find(s) of the Day

Last July 9, when I turned 58, I posted a video find I just called Burlesque. I've decided to make this a tradition. One day a year, Daddy gets to post burlesque videos. As I turn 59, I found four I like. FYI, the first three were posted by videoloops who is based in Seattle, and were all performed at Seattle venues.

This one is just fine comedy.

Inga Ingenue burlesque act 1 for SinnerSaint @ noc noc

This one, I like the song, and enjoy any excuse to hear it.

Lucky Lucy O'Rebel burlesque act 1 @ the Bit Saloon

This one is mildly, just ever so very mildly, deliciously, blasphemous, in an artistic way.

Catrina Kaboom burlesque for King's Cabaret @ the Funhouse

And this one is one I'm going to remember.

Lola Van Ella in "The Best of Midwest Burlesk!"

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