Sunday, July 20, 2008

Geese Have It Worse

Way back in October of 1996 (Bronze This!) I expressed a certain sense of outrage that bronze poor people can permanently sit in the park at the Darth Vader Building at 4th and Lenora in Seattle, but that real flesh and blood poor people are regularly chased off. As bad as it is for poor humans, Canadian Geese have it worse. Canadian Geese in the Puget Sound area have been subject to open official genocide by the USDA since 1999.

That's why I think this 2001 sculpture set at the entrance to Bellefield Office Park in Bellevue is so interesting.

Not long ago you could not walk here without either kicking a goose or stepping in goose evidence. Now you rarely see them here. Instead, you see an arrangement of three bronze statues depicting a boy and his mother admiring a Canadian Goose.

It's like, now they're mostly dead, let's commemorate them! We loves our genocidal victims!

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