Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Too Hot III

It was too hot again yesterday so I took another walk, trying to find shade and a breeze. This time I walked around the International District.

The ID is another reason I like living at the Union. We're right up next to it -- its northwest corner is literally just beyond our back yard.

Most people think of 4th and Jackson as the main entrance to the present day ID. It's also the site of the old Union Railroad Station, which is surely not an accident. (Consider who built the railroad.) The first picture is a view from the station's entranceway, off Jackson, into the lobby. I walked through the lobby out the other side toward 5th and King St., because it's air-conditioned. In fact, if the weather gets any hotter I'm going to spend my days in Union Station.

5th & King is the site of the recently installed Chinese Gate. It brings back memories of Taiwan for me. I remember seeing a similar gate that was built to frame the rising sun on the eastern coast of Taiwan. I've seen it in my dreams since, and now there's this one four blocks from home.

The view from nearly underneath:

Two blocks further east, at Maynard Street, is Hing Hay Park.

One of several Asian markets in neighborhood.

After doing some shopping I ended up back in the Pioneer Square District on 2nd Avenue Extension across from the Union Gospel Mission (no connection with the Union Hotel.) In this shot, the Mission is the brick building at the right. To the left on the other side of Washington Street is a gray building with pink trim and clay tile roofing over some windows. Somewhere I read that it is the last remaining building of the original 1800s Chinatown. At any rate, it sits on the block just west of home.

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