Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sign Language & Dragons

Video Find of the Day

This is cool, although I wouldn't know it except for the detailed description. The "speaker" is Alice, who is ranting in Chinese sign language about the use of denigrating signs for the deaf in that language, and calling for more respectful signs. Dragons arise!

From the description:

Alice's main points are: * The Deaf Chinese are used to using signs for "deaf-mute" (聋哑人) and "mute" (哑巴) but these signs are not respectful to Deaf people. * Overseas, Deaf communities stopped using the expression "deaf-mute" 20 years ago, and only China persists. * It was foreigners that appreciated that within the character for deaf, "聋," is the character 龙, meaning "dragon," a traditional mythological protector being. That's pretty cool! * [There's more.]

Deaf, not Dumb: Chinese Sign Language 聋哑"与"聋人"的区别?

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