Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taste Italy

Alley of the Week

Here's an alley showing off. Fountain Court Apartments ("A taste of Vince, Italy in the heart of Seattle!") were built 1999 over the whole block between 4th and 5th and between Battery and Wall, the alley turned into a gated driveway through it from street to street. The display makes the apartment building look pretty upscale, but I checked the prices and they run around $2 a square foot, which seems pretty reasonable to me. The last hell-hole I lived in the U District was 85 square feet, for which I had to pay precisely $170 per month -- $2 per square foot. That was 1991. So it would seem that the price is right. Of course, the smallest studio here is more than 5 times as big as my former hovel. I'm curious as to how the bill for the fountain is paid for. I assume the water is recycled, but what about the power? My guess: the extra costs are paid by rents on the ground-floor store fronts.

The day I was there taking pictures, both gates to the "alley" were open so I checked it out from the inside.

The fountain close up.

A walkway from the official front door at the corner of 4th and Battery leads into the central court.

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