Friday, July 13, 2007

Technorati Sucks, Week 16

Technorati has found a new way to suck! I don't know how they can be so creative!

Since Tim Harris registered his blog Apesma's Lament with Technorati, I naturally favorited it with them. Not because I needed Technorati to help me keep tabs on Tim's blog (I knew I'd be reading it regularly anyway) but because I wanted to see Technorati doing something right, to serve as a comparison when they screw things up.

Tim hasn't had any of the trouble I've had with Technorati, and up till now their updates of Apesma's Lament have been in order.

But today when I check "Posts from my 1 Favorite sorted by freshness" the freshest post of Apesma's Lament, the one posted today, wasn't there.

No problem I thought, anybody can be behind a little bit in updates. And in fact, all the other recent posts were listed. So, big deal, they just hadn't updated for this one day yet. By tomorrow everything will be there.

But then I noticed that the "freshest" post listed, "Tragedy Strikes, Cops Screw Victims" was listed as having been posted 4 days ago. That would mean it was posted July 9.

Well... ---->

Technorati is backdating Tim's posts for him! They couldn't have got the Tragedy Strikes post logged on their system before yesterday, because that's when it appeared. Tim didn't predate it. He didn't postdate it. He predated posts on an altogether different blog he just started up to feature his old Classics Corner column.

Could Technorati suck so bad it could predate posts just because it can? Just to screw up in new way for the sheer hell of it?


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