Friday, July 13, 2007

Red Dwarf

Video Find of the Day

I just discovered that people have put almost all the episodes of Red Dwarf on YouTube, one-third episode per clip. This can't be legal. But in case it is, or it isn't, here is one of my favorite bits, the opening of episode 3, year V, titled Terrorform.

For the sake of those who've never seen Red Dwarf, here's a quick synopsis. Three million years earlier the mining ship Red Dwarf experiences a catastrophic radiation accident which kills every human on board except the lowest ranking crew member Dave Lister, who has been placed in time stasis, a form of suspended animation, as a punishment for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of his pet cat, which is not permitted to be aboard a deep space mining vessel. Lister is therefore in all likelihood the last living human being in the universe. The only other biological survivor of the radiation accident was Lister's cat, which was hiding in the ship's hold and which was pregnant, and gave birth to a race of cats which over the 3 million years evolved into humanoid form, only one of which is left after a mass departure and annihilation and the deaths of stragglers. There is also the ship's computer, Holly, who starts out being male in form but transforms into the female form we see here. There is also Rimmer, who is not in this clip, who is a computer generated hologram based on the recorded personality of Dave's dead roommate, and an android Kryten who is discovered in season two taking care of a long dead crew on a long ago crashed ship.

The characters seen in this clip, in order, are Kryten, Dave Lister, Holly, The Cat (evolved from Lister's cat.)

The rest of this episode has been posted. I don't know why the labels say season 6, when everyone else, including my own notes, says season 5.

Red Dwarf VI - Terrorform Part 2

Red Dwarf VI - Terrorform Part 3

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