Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Besame Mucho

Video Find of the Day

I first heard Besame Mucho in Mexico when I lived there in 1961-62. There was a hugely popular version that was played everywhere at that time. Ordinarily hearing the same song over and over again would kill it for me. I have an extremely low tolerance for repetition. But I couldn't get enough of this one. I've been rooting through the many YouTube versions and found two I like.

Besame Mucho
[Kiss Me A Lot]
by Consuelo Velázquez [pictured]

Besame… besame mucho,
[Kiss me… kiss me a lot,]
como si fuera esta noche
[as if tonight was going]
la última vez.
[to be the last time.]

Besame… besame mucho,
[Kiss me...kiss me a lot,]
que tengo miedo perderte,
[I am afraid to lose you,]
perderte después.
[to lose you in the end.]

[1st two verses repeat.]

Quiero tenerte muy cerca,
[I want to have you very close,]
mirarme en tus ojos
[to look myself in your eyes]
verte junto a mi,
[see you next to me,]
piensa que tal vez mañana
[think that perhaps tomorrow]
yo ya estaré lejos,
[I will be far,]
muy lejos de aquí.
[far away from here.]

[1st two verses repeat.]

Here's a good clean vocal version by Dutch-Egyptian singer Laura Fygi. The car in the video has awfully familiar styling for me.

The version I heard in Mexico had a long instrumental bit that resembled this one by Ray Conniff and His Orchestra.

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