Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Tricycle

At some point my Father came home with a tricycle for me. I think he was feeling guilty about all the stink about the ball and wanted to give me something that was brand new and free of any painful history. For a while I forgot about the ball as I peddled the tricycle up and down the block on either side of our house.

Again, my Father wouldn't let me take the tricycle past the end of the block because I might lose it. So when I went see to Lani and Lono I had to just describe it to them, just as I had to just describe the ball.

It occurred to me that if my father came with me to see Lani and Lono I could bring the tricycle with me, and they could see it themselves. I also thought that if my Father talked to them, he would like them and maybe have the over to the house, and I could see them more often.

So I begged my Father to come with me to see my friends. To my surprise he agreed. He followed along with me one Saturday as I peddled the trike clear to Stoneman Field to look for Lani and Lono. They weren't there. We ended up at the nearby tennis courts where I often met them. They weren't there either. My Father took this picture of me triking around the tennis courts.

If you click on the image for the full-size picture, you can clearly see the bulge of the cup I was still wearing.

Lani and Lono weren't there because it was the weekend. It had never occurred to me before that they got weekends off just like my Dad did.

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