Friday, February 15, 2008


As she got older my daughter didn't like the way she photographed, so there aren't many pictures of her from high school on, and until she died I was only able to see the one I posted in Beth. By the way, she varied the spelling in her letters and emails to me, so that is why I'm varying it. These pictures of her were sent to me by her Mother, and I'm very grateful. I just wish Bethe could step out of them.

There's a Halloween picture [left above], a couple showing what look like two degrees of what she called her Goth Period [left below and beneath that], and one with short hair [furthest down] that I'm guessing was post-Goth, or post-post-Goth. There's another picture in a costume, perhaps from a different Halloween, that I'm not showing, because my paternal instincts forbid that I show that much of her legs off on the internet, but take my word for it, she was as stunning in that one as in these.

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