Friday, February 15, 2008

Distractible Me

Video Find of the Day

I'm watching (right now) Rebel Without A Cause, and I tell Anitra that Sal Mineo's got my vote for best actor. Damn, he's good. I think, Sal Mineo is better than James Dean even. I'm going to prove it, I think. I'm going to find the definitive clip on YouTube that shows what a genius Sal Mineo was. I think I've found it, in the form of Sal Mineo Rebel Without a Cause Screen test when I look at a related video for just a second, and it's Juliet Prowse dancing with Mineo in an altogether different movie I never even heard of, and I remember, oh yeah, I had a screaming crush on Juliet Prowse. Oh yeah.

Oh. My. God. Is this much sexiness legal?

I bet no more than 10% of you ever heard of Juliet Prowse. "Known for her striking beauty, sultry smile and famous long legs," says Wikipedia, she was a dancer above all. Krushchev called her dancing immoral. He was a prude. Her dancing was just too rich for him.

Who Killed Teddy Bear? 1965 - Sal Mineo & Juliet Prowse

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