Thursday, February 21, 2008

Janitor Machine

Video Find of the Day

The comments to this indicate no understanding of what is going on. I shall explain. The Evil Scientist has a machine that transforms poor innocent animals into worker-slaves of different kinds. The machine turns the Bunny into a janitor. The Bunny escapes. The Evil Scientist takes chase. The Evil Scientist suffers an ironic fate.

Having had to be a janitor for six years, cleaning up 5 nights a week after the explosive bowel movements of fat lazy software engineers and picking up for secretaries who couldn't successfully dunk their snot rags into a foot wide wastebasket they'd wedged between their legs, I relate.

The system needs janitors because stupid rich people can't clean up after themselves. But nobody wants to pay janitors what their work is worth. So to make janitors, the Fed engineers an economy that has just enough unemployment. That's the real machine.

Bunny Animation


Anitra Freeman said...

YouTube tried to tell me the video was unavailable. YouTube lied. I went to YouTube and was able to see the whole thing.

P.S. I love you. :)

Dr. Wes Browning said...

What you saw was just a glitch in YouTube. It happens on their site sometimes, too. You try to see a video and there's a blank player that says this video is unavailable, when it should say, "One of our electrons entered the tube ass backwards. Please try again later."

P.S. KISSY, KISSY, xxxxxxxO. [It isn't enough we make people sick of us in person.]