Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pico & Sepulveda

[Above: Screen shot of Google's Street View of W Pico & S Sepulveda Blvd, so you shouldn't want to go there just because the song is so cool.]

Time for another scene from my all-time favorite movie, Forbidden Zone. It's a dance routine to the 1947 song Pico & Sepulveda by Freddy Martin's band Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra. Lyrics:

Doheny / Cahuenga / La Brea / Tar Pits*

La Jolla / Sequoia / La Brea / Tar Pits*

[The chorus repeats Pico & Sepulveda behind the soloist, & calls back on "Tar Pits."]

You can keep Alvarado, Santa Monica, even Beverly Drive.
Vine may be fine, but for mine I want to feel a-live and settle down in my

La Brea / Tar Pits [Chorus repeats Pico & Sepulveda }

Where nobody's dreams come true

[Chorus repeats Pico & Sepulveda.]

Pico and Sepulveda

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