Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tibetan Songs

Video Finds of the Day

I'm finding truckloads of classical and semi-classical and not-at-all-classical Tibetan music.

This one has a nice beat.

Tibetan Song Classic Dance Song

The next one is reminiscent of some Romanian folk songs I've heard. On the screen it gives the following information.

"Love songs are usually sung in secluded places, or at a party after all the elders have left."

"The singer must be careful that none of their relatives hear them singing."

No love songs for old people! They might get ideas! They've caused enough problems!

Tibetan Love Song

Check out the back-up dancing on this one. The names in the title are the four singers. An English translation is provided in the description.

Tibetan Song Yadon Kunga Tsewang and Gangshuk

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