Monday, February 11, 2008

Retreats and Retreaters

Video Finds of the Day

I am about to retreat to Federal Way's Dumas Bay Retreat Center along with a cadre of other Real Change Organizing Project retreaters. We are going to overnight there in order to, uh, increase myself and my sense of connection to me, increase my class, my identity, and my assumptions, and build my understanding and trust, so that I may return to the battleground refreshed and advance across class lines, vanquishing all in my path, or something.

Anyway, that explains why I already posted today's video find and I've already turned in this week's column. Just in case I'm too tired from retreating to do anything but crash when I get back tomorrow, here are apropos video finds for Monday, suitably post-dated to appease the OCD gods.

Plato's Retreat

Bonaparte's Retreat

Deutsche Wochenschau No. 703 1944 - Army Group North

1700 Local. Retreat.

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