Monday, June 2, 2008

Measuring Randy Newman

Video Find of the Day

This song came out at the end of my time physically at Cornell, and half the people I knew there thought it was horrid. "Randy Newman is a heightist! We should boycott the cafeteria jukebox!" Then someone said Newman was 5' 2'' and it was, "oh, never mind." Now I'm reading on the internet that reports of his shortness were false, either deliberately spread to give Newman a "pass", or based solely on the fact that he is rarely seen standing up on TV. The people putting this out say he's over six feet tall but they seem to be just quoting each other.

Just a suggestion for killing time online: try to find Randy Newman's exact height.

I don't know how tall he is, but I know his capacity for satire.

By the way, the description says OGWT 1978. OGWT isn't netspeak. It stands for Old Grey Whistle Test, the name of the BBC2 show he was on.

Randy Newman - Short People

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