Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Arlo Guthrie

Video Find of the Day

In 1993 I had a TV with rabbit ears that couldn't get the local ABC affiliate. So until now I had never seen any part of the series Byrds of Paradise, and didn't know Arlo Guthrie played a recurring character in it. I know now because I've been subscribed to the wife Janis' YouTube channel jguth3 for some time, and she's been posting clips from the show lately. By sure coincidence, right after posting the P-Funk last night I discovered this one had come down the chute.

Arlo Guthrie/ Band Fight

This one is an Oldie but Goodie, with my favorite line, "I don't want a pickle... ":

Arlo Guthrie/Motorcycle Song

For a lot of what jguth3 has posted embedding is disabled, including the big one, so go check out all 18 minutes 34 seconds of it on YouTube, if you are so minded.

Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant

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