Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hammerhead Shark Song

Video Find of the Day

A video posted by ididjaustralia. There's a song, followed by a commentary in an Australian Aborigine language you don't understand. To help you understand, the following passage is provided with the YouTube description.

"Dharrapuy explains the importance of Balgabalga to the Gupapuyngu people. When they see a dead Hammerhead Shark, they give it ceremony and bury it as though it were a human body. When news of such an event becomes known in a community - Milingimbi in particular where the vast majority of Gupapuyngu live - Yolngu cry for it as though it were a deceased family member. People stop what they are doing and proceed towards the water's edge, the body of the shark is lifted out of the water and wrapped in cloth, and then the shark is buried in the ground with dalkarra - special 'power names'. This is an old custom from a long time ago that is continued to be observed at Milingimbi."

Balgabalga (Hammerhead Shark): David Dharrapuy, yirdaki

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