Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boast: My Soup Tonight

My soup tonight is greater than all other soups in all of history combined. My soup tonight is the Obama of soups in the Democratic nominating process of soups. My soup tonight began with the aged minced garlic and the button mushrooms and the chopped yellow onion which were sauteed in the olive oil and the soy sauce, and that was good, but there had also to be Cambell's Tomato Soup. So there was. And there was the can of water. And not only the can of water, but an unexpected shot of milk.

Then, an entire cucumber gave up its slices for my soup of tonight.

I thought that one Roma Tomato would suffice. But seeing that my soup of tonight was not yet as tomato-ish as a tomato based soup ought to be, I delivered! I sliced another Roma!

An ordinary soup-maker would have been satisfied with that. But I pressed on! There must be cinnamon, I said. Yes: cinnamon! And basil! And black pepper!

Still, I was not satisfied. For there was not enough green. Therefore, to achieve green, I chopped kale. Chopping and chopping, more chopping, and more chopping. Kale, kale, kale. Damn good fresh kale, too.

A dash more cinnamon and, Hot Damn! Good soup!

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