Friday, June 27, 2008

Look Out...

I have a camera. I've been wanting one forever. The last time I had a decent camera for still work was in 1971, when I had the use of a Polaroid Land Camera. One of the results was this shot of my parents' fat beagle, right.

Now I have a digital camera. My work with a cheap video camera was well received at the office. A still from one of the videos was used in the paper. So I said, if you're going to use my stuff, give me a better camera, dammit. And they did! Problem was, it was a camera that our Macs wouldn't recognize.

Well, tonight I found out the easy way around that crap. You just borrow a camera that the Macs will recognize; you take the memory card out of the camera you have and stick it in the camera you borrowed, and you download your pictures from the borrowed camera.

So I'm set. I don't know if the trick works with videos yet, I haven't tried it. But it works with stills. Here at left is a picture I took of a painting in my room. Click on it for a bigger version. Click on the bigger version for a bigger version.

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