Sunday, March 9, 2008

Proper Dancing

Video Find of the Day

When I was dishing up the links to vast quantities of Gypsy music last time I forgot about RomNet. RomNet is a straight video blog of all Rom videos all the time from anywhere. [To find their main page click on "HÍREK" at the far left of the menu.] This one is from India and is reminiscent of the one I posted to begin daily Video Finds, only it's a duo.

I think this is just the way dancing should be. Short bursts of movement interrupted by opportunities to rest and decide what to do the next burst. I also think that if one dancer twirls clockwise, the next one should twirl counterclockwise. Otherwise the Universe will be twisted too far one way, and it will be hell unraveling it.

Indian Gypsy Dance(Duo)

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