Friday, March 7, 2008

Chuck Berry

Video Find of the Day

Last night, various of us Real Changers were at a show benefiting RC produced by local weekly The Stranger (Seattle's Only Newspaper) called The Young Ones, featuring a big bunch of up-and-coming bands. They turned out to be great, and I was induced to dance throughout, in spite of my arthritis and my introversion and my terminal whiteness and my Seattleness. Down in the Green Room, drinking beer after beer, one of the musicians remarked that he'd noticed me acting crazy over there at the Real Change booth. Since no one else in the club was doing so, yet (that changed later when a Hip Hop act came out, but this was before), I felt I had to justify myself, so I said, "Well, I grew up in the Fifties, that was how I was taught."

This video, which dates to the Sixties and the release of Chuck Berry from prison, captures the sense of what I was getting at. If I could dance like Chuck Berry, I'd be insufferably arrogant about it.

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

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