Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weird and/or What?

Video Find of the Day

The W & W don't actually stand for Weird and What, but for Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey, a popular comedy team of the 20s and 30s I had completely forgotten about until this movie excerpt simultaneously reminded me of their existence and freaked me out. According to the description the Indians are actually supposed to be using that giant blanket to send the guys to a Geneva Peace Conference. The movie is the 1933 Diplomaniacs. The IMDB plot summary says this:

"Barbers Willy Nilly [Bert Wheeler] and Hercules Glub [Robert Woolsey, the one with the glasses] have opened a barbershop in an Indian reservation, where they have no customers. When suddenly a white man asks for a shave, several Indians of the Oopadoop nation also enter, hearing the usual barbershop banter about foreign debts, they force them to be ambassadors of their nation at the Peace conference in Geneva. Ammunition industry executive Winkelreid is scheming to prevent their mission becoming an success, but the vamp Dolores aboard the ship fails, falling in love with Nilly, and so does Fifi, the toughest person of the world in Paris, falling for Glub. Although Winkelreid is able to steal their secret papers, Nilly and Glub don't give up after being reminded by constant observation of their Indians and enter the Peace conference, which turns out to be a battlefield..."

Oh, BTW Paul Whiteman refers to a (white) jazz band leader popular at the time.

W & W say "Goodbye" to the Indians

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