Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Instrumentals Rock

Video Find(s) of the Day

Or audio finds, whatever.

When I was 12, 13, or so, I couldn't take much in the way of sung music. I wanted instrumentals. Fortunately, there were some. For example, B. Bumble and The Stingers took classics and made them rock. Witness:

Bumble Boogie -B. Bumble and The Stingers (original version)

And again:

bee bumble & the stingers - nut rocker

Turns out, the musicians who made all that happen were the same musicians, more or less, who made the following bit of rhythmic gold happen. When I was 13 a bus ride to school always included some guy slapping the wall of the bus to the beat of this.

The ROUTERS - 'Let's Go' - 1962

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