Sunday, August 10, 2008

KV 314

Video Find of the Day

My worst bout of homelessness was 8 nightmarish months from December 1983 to July or August 1984, through a period of mental illness, on-and-off isolation, spiritual turmoil, starvation, and intense grief. One of the things that got me through it was reading Psalm 22 over and over again, (not 23, 22; look it up). Another was a set of precisely 7 cassette tapes which I played to death on a cheap Walkman knock-off.

The tapes were all used. I think I paid at most 50 cents for each of them. Even that was so much for me at the time that I would spend up to an hour agonizing over what tape to pick.

One of them featured a performance of Mozart's KV 314.

According to the Wikipedia article on the Köchel catalogue, AKA the Köchel-Verzeichnis, if the KV number of a work is more than 100 you can divide by 25 and add 10 to get a good estimate of Mozart's age at the time of its composition. So this one was done around age 22 and a half, give or take a smidgeon.

In this rendering, Heinz Hollinger plays the oboe, Jose Luis Lopez directs for the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra.

Oboe Concert (KV 314) - W.A.Mozart - Heinz Holliger Part 1

Oboe Concert (KV 314)- W.A.Mozart - Heinz Holliger Part 2

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