Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day Post

Video Find of the Day

Readers of my childhood memoirs will not be surprised that I would resist the idea of celebrating my birth Mother on Mothers Day. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate and celebrate Motherhood, or Mothers, or the glorious symbolisms wrapped in Mothers and Mothering and Motherosity, in general.

Like all good liberals I profess love of Mother Nature. Being the polytheist I am Mother Nature isn't as much a hold-over from pagan times for me as a living Goddess. Being the heathen I am, I see no disrespect in imagining that the world I know is reborn anew with each thrust as Father Sky humps Mother Earth. That sacred copulation is as central to my religious thought as the crucifixion and resurrection is to Christians.

I'm moved by the image of the Madonna. It appeals to me in two ways. I like that my gods are born of women. It makes them more important and more interesting, from the start, than those gods who just pop out of the void, or existed for all eternity. Also, creatures born of human females start out relatively helpless, as it happens, which is how I like my gods.

Fathers create with hammers and soldering irons. Mothers create with the full force of freaking nature.

One of my favorite sayings is my own personal perversion of "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." I say, "Necessity is a Mother."

My favorite Mothers are on video:

My guitar wants to kill your mama

Dirty love

Mothers of Invention on Hoepla 1967

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