Monday, May 5, 2008

María Landó

Video Find of the Day

Another Afro-Peruvian song. Lyrics: Cesar Calvo Music: Chabuca Granda. Performed: Silvana Rodríguez. Translation below from the album, Afro-Peruvian Classics:

The dawn breaks like a statue
Like a winged statue spreading across the city
And the noon rings, a bell made of water
A golden singing bell that keeps us from feeling alone
And the night lifts its large chalice
Its large chalice, an early moon rising over the ocean

But for Maria, there is no dawn
But for Maria, there is no noon
But for Maria, there is no moon
She lifts her red goblet over the seas

Maria has no time, (Maria Lando) to even lift her eyes
To lift her eyes, (Maria Lando) broken from lack of sleep
Maria, broken from lack of sleep, (Maria Lando) and from suffering
Maria, suffering, (Maria Lando) only works
Maria works, and her work is for others

Maria Lando, Maria Lando always working
And her work is another’s

María Landó

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