Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stupid Search Trick

Video Finds of the Day

YouTube was partially down tonight, "that functionality is unavailable at this time," but the search functionality was available so I did a search on porn + music. I know what you're thinking, "Wes probably spends 95% of his time looking for porn." Well, perhaps, but this time the idea was to see if I could find something of a MUSICAL nature that was TAGGED with the word porn, that would be interesting from a non-pornophilic vantage point. It's a trick I use for finding interesting things while stupid. I think this next one fits the bill. There is the word porn, but no actual porn-o-graphy.

Bill Bailey - Medieval Porn

In this one the kernel of humor is cockney music, as opposed to porn, but it is still interesting.

Bill Bailey and Cockney Music

This is the only one that may be pornographic in any sense, as he sings a song in French that according to a translation in the description is about sex. But, who cares, aren't all French songs about sex?

Bill Bailey - Foreign Ambulance Sirens

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