Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sex, Art, Sex

All art is seduction. All seduction is art. If it's any good, it's good art.

Here is some awesome art. I love the way the men act scared.

Mujra Minus Desi

I found that one entirely by accident. I wasn't even looking for erotic dance. One minute I'm watching videos of cute kittens and the next minute I'm seeing proof that strippers don't really need to strip. Then I wondered, where did this come from?

I read the tags, and I found that mujra is an erotic dance form that evolved in the Mughal empire out of Kathak, a classical Hindu narrative dance form. It is now associated mainly with Pakistan and Northern India, and the dancers are often held in low esteem, even though, apparently, they keep their clothes on. So then I had to check out the Kathak and found this next video.

Dhamar Kathak

Then, I found this beautiful and sensual video.

Kathak in Varanasi

Then I had a craving for some more of that Red Hot Mujra, and I found this next one, which may be too sexy for me. I'll have to watch it repeatedly to be sure.

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