Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Superior Roadway

The Seattle Times told us today that "Viaduct alternatives have expanded to 10" and listed them. The tunnel alternatives sounded awful. A bored tunnel? How bored? A cut-and-cover tunnel? Well, it's better than a cut-and-run tunnel, but not by much. A depressed lidded tunnel? Did it get depressed because it was lidded, or did depression drive it to lids?

The surface options are all plain, like "boulevard" or expressway". But a couple of the aerial options are positively uplifting. Who wouldn't want their roadway to be elevated? Who wouldn't want their roadway to be integrated (built into development)?

I also want my roadway to be well-adjusted, enlightened, and self-actualized. It appears that an elevated, integrated, vigorous, cheerful roadway is the way to go.

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