Monday, April 14, 2008

Cricket Music Videos? Really?

Video Find(s) of the Day

While Seattleites are fussing over the impending loss of their men's basketball team, India is just beginning a brand new dazzling super cricket league called the Indian Premier League. Some three-quarters of a billion dollars was spent in an auction for eight franchises in eight cities. The first game will be held Friday this week between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and Kolkata Knight Riders at Bangalore.

As always I'm not interested in spectator sports unless were talking Women's Single Figure Skating, or the like. But I was blown away by the promotional music videos these new teams are putting out.

If the Sonics ever had promotional videos like these, well, I bet that would have changed history. Maybe.

Or what if we had a cricket team of our own with its own cool video? Would we buy tickets?

ipl Kolkata Knight Riders Music Video

Rajasthan Royals - Halla Bol

IPL Kings XI Punjab Music Video

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