Monday, November 26, 2007

Glass: Akhnaten & Satyagraha

Video Finds of the Day

Sometimes Philip Glass' minimalism drives me batty. But his operas Akhnaten and Satyagraha are exceptions. I don't care that they're repetitive. I like what's repeating. You could put Akhnaten on a loop and super-glue earphones to my head and make me listen to it constantly, and I wouldn't complain for, I don't know, a day or two.

It might seem strange that a polytheist would like Akhnaten so much, since it glorifies the reputed founder of monotheism. But what I get from it is not a glorification of monotheism, but of the searing vision. I've had visions. I'm down with visions.

Akhnaten - Prelude:Refrain,Verse 1,Verse 2 (just the sound)

Then, Satyagraha is made of searing vision, too, drawing its words from the Bhagavad Gita.

Philip Glass - Satyagraha (beginning) (stage performance)

Back to Akhnaten, here's a fun presentation in diorama.

The Funeral of Meerkunkhamen

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